Home staging works!

Home staging is not a new concept in the real estate industry, but it is becoming a practice that homeowners and realtors agree on makes the difference to selling a home quickly and in most cases for more money.

As professional stagers, our job is to bring out the best in your home. Your home may very well be beautiful, and it may even be immaculate and fits your style to a tee. However, staging a home to sell is completely different than decorating your home to live in.

A potential buyer needs to envision themselves in your home and to do that a stager must take your personality out of it and make it appealing to the buyer.

The bottom line is the minute you commit to marketing your home for sale; it’s a whole new ball game. You must be prepared to detach yourself from your home emotionally. We know, sometimes that is hard especially if you’ve raised a family, and have personal memories associated with it. But don’t despair the process is very simple if you let Golden Key Relocation Concierge help you with the home staging process.

Does it pay to stage your home? In one very powerful word – YES!

Here are five reasons why home staging works:

Happy Home

Stagers look at every aspect of your home. From its initial curb appeal to the condition of each room. Our job is to make sure your home tells a potential buyer that your home has been taken care of throughout the years.

First Impressions

Home staging is all about showcasing your home in its best possible light and highlighting its best features. We want your potential buyer to fall in love with your home the minute they walk in the door.

Clear the Clutter

Home staging helps you go through each room to pave the way for potential buyers to see its hidden beauty.

Justify the Price

In today’s real estate market buyers will question your asking price like never before. Home staging helps present your home as a move-in ready home that will quantify your asking price.

Improve the Flow

The art of home staging is all about maximizing its space making it seem larger than it is.

Stand Out in the Crowd

In most parts of the country, there are more homes for sale than there are buyers. Staging a home will set it apart from the competition by presenting it as a move-in ready home.

Word gets around in the real estate industry, agents talk and if your home shows well other agents will want to show your home to their potential buyers. And as a home seller that is exactly what you want.

More aAgents + More Buyers = Faster SALE!

So, ask yourself. Do you want to sell your home faster? Do you want to make it stand out from the competition? Do you want to sell it for top dollar?

If your answer was yes than hiring a home stager is the first step in making those things happen. From choosing paint colors to hiring contractors, our HOME Concierge Services will prepare your home for sale and take the stress and worry off your shoulders, making the sale of your home quick and easy.

Golden Key Relocation Concierge is dedicated to providing our clients with a luxury moving experience from one beautiful home to the next. A premium relocation concierge service built on passion, planning, and precision. Request a free no-obligation quote today.