Our goal is to use our lifestyle concierge services to make your move as stress-free as possible and go the extra mile in catering to your needs so you can feel comfortable in your new home.

There are hundreds of minor details that come up when moving to a new area and our lifestyle services are just what you need. We have extensive knowledge of the local area, businesses and services designed to help you.

Our portfolio of LIFESTYLE Concierge Services include:

  • Setting up utility services
  • Landscapers, pest control, pool, and housekeeping services
  • Home security system installs, home IT solutions and AV provider services
  • Express Decorating and Design Services
  • Recommendation and/or purchasing home furnishings
  • Event and party planning services
  • Locating school information
  • Pet care services
  • Places of worship
  • Local community activities
  • Mechanical car service, new car vendors and car rentals
  • Temporary & corporate housing
  • Personal chef services and food preparation services

How LIFESTYLE Concierge Services work:

We meet with you to discuss your individual needs, explain the overall process, inform you of all the services available, and answer all your questions.

One-on-one discussion in person, by telephone or via Skype.

1 Hour Free

During the consultation, you decide which of the best service options fit your needs.  You may choose every service or just a few.

Review the scope of work, timeline, and budget. Discuss Golden Key Relocation Services terms and agreements. Client signs contract to proceed with the project.

We meet with you to review and finalize all vendors bids.

Determine the projected start and completion date.

$199 – up to 4 vendor quotes
$299 – 5 to 8 vendor quotes

Cost to be determined based on the client’s needs for vendor quotes exceeding nine.

You will pay all vendors directly.
$49 p/h for all onsite vendor oversight
$99 p/h for all other Home, Move and Lifestyle Concierge Services in which work is solely performed by a Golden Key Specialist.

PLEASE NOTE: Each client’s needs drive the structure of the cost proposal.

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