A New Home Starts with Home Staging

Creating beautiful homes one room at a time.

Selling a home is less about you and more about your potential buyer.

Buyers need to envision themselves living in your space and in order to do that all potential distractions need to be removed.

For your home to sell faster, investing in home staging, express decorating and/or organizing, Golden Key Relocation Concierge services is a must.

Here at Golden Key Relocation Concierge, we offer an assortment of home concierge services that help you prepare your home before it goes on the market. We start by simplifying the various phases of your relocation by removing the stress of selling a home.

Our portfolio of HOME Concierge Services include:

  • Home Staging There is an art to staging, and it is a documented fact that homes that have been staged sell faster and for the highest possible price in today’s market. Our certified staging professionals have a trained eye to turn your home into a “dream home” for your potential buyers.
  • Design Services – For every home that’s put on the market comes a punch list of repairs and upgrades. Our design concierge services provide you the assurance that we will research, oversee and manage the onslaught of handymen, house painters, landscapers, and home improvement contractors required to prepare your home for sale.
  • Express Decorating – Every home has hidden beauty just waiting to be discovered. Our express decorating services will utilize your home’s potential by analyzing its space, redesigning its rooms to be more functional and adding more visual impact for a fraction of the cost of a typical interior designer.
  • Organize. Purge. Pack. – Every home has clutter. By helping you organize your belongings into manageable collections, our service to pack and purge gets to the heart of preparing your home for sale. We will dispose your unwanted goods to charities and consignment shops and work with you to decide what should stay and what should go.
  • Personal Shopping – Our personal shopping concierge services will help you make decisions about adding beauty and function to your existing and/or new home.

How HOME Concierge Services work:

We meet with you to discuss your individual needs, explain the overall process, inform you of all the services available, and answer all your questions.

One-on-one discussion in person, by telephone or via Skype.

1 Hour Free

During the consultation, you decide which of the best service options fit your needs.  You may choose every service or just a few.

Review the scope of work, timeline, and budget. Discuss Golden Key Relocation Services terms and agreements. Client signs contract to proceed with the project.

We meet with you to review and finalize all vendors bids.

Determine the projected start and completion date.

$199 – up to 4 vendor quotes
$299 – 5 to 8 vendor quotes

Cost to be determined based on the client’s needs for vendor quotes exceeding nine.

You will pay all vendors directly.
$49 p/h for all onsite vendor oversight
$99 p/h for all other Home, Move and Lifestyle Concierge Services in which work is solely performed by a Golden Key Specialist.

PLEASE NOTE: Each client’s needs drive the structure of the cost proposal.

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