Why is it we feel we must justify spoiling ourselves, resist splurging or make excuses why we shouldn’t when we really can.

Moving is considered the third most stressful event, outranked by the death of a loved one and divorce. So often in our business, we hear, “I never want to move again!”. Yet, once again, here you are ready to relocate and already dreading the overload of work that needs to be done.

Yes, it’s beyond overwhelming to think about getting your house ready to market, declutter, purge and pack, interview real estate agents, get mover quotes, fix the broken items in some of the rooms, closeout and transfer utilities services; all this on top of juggling a full-time job while taking care of the kids. Superheroes we are not but somehow, we have been taught to think we are.

fire yourself It’s time to give yourself permission to fire yourself and hire Golden Key Relocation Concierge. If “I’m worth it” is not justification enough, and to allow yourself to focus on the bigger and more important areas in your life, here are the top 8 benefits of using Golden Key Relocation Concierge to help you.

1) Frees up your time

Let’s face it, selling, buying and moving from a current home to a new home adds a lot of extra work to your already busy life. Handing over the responsibility to Golden Key Relocation Concierge, allows you to continue to maintain your daily activities without adding any more time-consuming work to your busy schedule.

2) Offers you convenience

Golden Key Relocation Concierge is not just a moving company. We are a full-service Home, Move and Lifestyle Concierge that allows you to utilize as many or as few service options. We find you the solutions that specifically fits your needs so that you don’t have to take the time or energy to do it yourself.

3) Takes away the stress of doing it yourself

There’s no way around it, moving is stressful! So much to do in not always a lot of time. Golden Key Relocation Concierge has a move timeline and personalized plan for you so that we keep everything on schedule and oversee all the work so that you don’t have to. Our goal is to make this life transition as stress-free as possible for you. We got this!

4) Add value where possible with negotiating better rates and/or perks

We know there are a lot of costs associated with moving and the dollars can easily add up. Golden Key Relocation Concierge does the research with vendors to find the best rates, practices and reviews so that you can be assured you are getting your money’s worth. We pass on any discount offered and make suggestions where you can save money with a less expensive alternative. We have streamlined processes and organizational skills so that time and money are not wasted, and efficiency is achieved.

improve quality of life

5) Improve the quality of your life

By allowing yourself not to take on this monumental amount of work, it gives you the time to focus on other areas of your life that demand attention. Enjoy the time with your spouse, kids, family and friends. No stress means a healthier and happier you.

6) Hand over the management of the minutia and coordination so you don’t have to be there

We are often asked, “Do I need to be there on moving day and who unpacks all the boxes?”. That’s why you hire Golden Key Relocation Concierge because we make sure to oversee all aspects of every job, handling certificates of insurance, vendor schedules and yes, the unpacking and removal of the boxes so all you have to do is simply turn the key in your new home’s front door.

7) We take control

We stay on top of the schedule, budget, vendors, contracts – we handle every aspect from start to finish!

8) Offer custom packages

You can choose as much or as little needed from our Home, Move and Lifestyle Concierge services. Whether you are on a tight budget or not, we will show you how we save you money, time and peace of mind. We are here to help you so that you can tend to your busy life.

If you still need convincing that you should take off the superhero cape and enjoy a spa day instead of losing sleep over finding boxes, wrapping up the good china, donating furniture and scheduling movers to pack and unpack, contact Golden Key Relocation Concierge. We will easily give you all the justification reasons to fire yourself and hire Golden Key Relocation Concierge!

Golden Key Relocation Concierge is dedicated to providing our clients with a luxury moving experience from one beautiful home to the next. A premium relocation concierge service built on passion, planning, and precision. Request a free no-obligation quote today.